Uke University 2015

Posted on July 30, 2015 by Heather Peterson

Ben Honham with the Tenor 

Outdoor Ukulele attended the fourth annual Uke University at the Cascade Academy. The three day festival in Tumalo, Oregon revolves around teaching, learning, and community. This year the weather was a beautiful 75 degrees during the day and 45 degrees at night, perfect for music and socializing.

Badley Made Ukes - Made in Bend, Oregon by Jack Badley 

Uke University offered classes for beginners to experts ranging from singing, picking, strumming, and percussive elements. Music flooded from different classrooms and rippled through the hallways all weekend. Events included an open mic, jam sessions, and performances. The evening concerts had different genres including folk, island, and swing.

Instructor - Ben Bonham

Instructor Craig Chee

Ronnie Ontiveros slapping the bass. 

Musicians traveled from all over North America to be a part of the festival. Lori Sanders came from North Carolina to bring ukulele knowledge back to the Cherokee Reservation. Ukulele player Emily Hill, and her mother Becky Hill, traveled from Portland to take part of the beginner classes. Laurie Duke and Nita Venter journeyed all the way from Vancouver, Canada to experience their first Uke University. When I asked each of them if the trip was worth it, there were smiles all around. 

Our WordSmith loading up the two Tenors we donated for raffle.

Congratulations to one of our two raffle winners of the new Outdoor Tenor Ukulele!

Interested in attending next year's Uke University? Stay in touch on their website or Facebook.

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