Outdoor Ukulele™ is family owned manufacturer of composite polycarbonate instruments. Our ukuleles begin the production process when the order is placed.

A work order and shipping label are printed together and sent to the building station. 
Parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove any release material from the injection molding process, and then all of the glue joints are cleaned with isopropyl alcohol on cotton swabs. Flashing is trimmed from the edges of the parts, and our waterproof decals are installed. Custom pickups are installed at this time. 

Next, the two piece body is glued together with an industrial strength cyanoacrylate adhesive. We use machined aluminum fixtures for alignment and perfect action. The rubber bands provide even clamping pressure. After 15 minutes in the clamping fixtures, the glued parts are removed and shelved for 12 hours of curing.

After the glue has cured, custom shop items such as strap buttons are now installed. Next come the geared tuning machines, which are screwed in with a torque driver.

Finally, we tie figure eight knots into the ends of the fluorocarbon strings, slip them into the slots on the bridge, and wind them through the tuning posts. We tune your instrument three times over 6 hours so they are mostly stretched when they arrive.
Once the strings have been stretched, we pack and ship your order with and Outdoor Ukulele chord sheet and waterproof sticker. Your tracking link will be emailed to you when USPS priority mail has scanned your package.