We make every Ukulele, Banjolele, and Guitar in Corvallis, Oregon USA. Our instruments are injection molded at 600°F under 420 tons of pressure. Polycarbonate reinforced with glass and carbon fiber strands give the instruments a natural grain structure that greatly increase strength and acoustics. 4X stronger than ABS plastic instruments and weather resistant.

Our Instruments can be used in all weather conditions. The low temperature range of composite polycarbonate is -40° F (-40° C) and the high temperature range is 250° F (120° C). Feel free to take your Outdoor Ukulele™ snowshoeing on Mt. Hood during the winter or hiking through Joshua Tree during the summer. Low temperatures, high temperatures, and humidity will not affect the stability of your Outdoor Ukulele™, Outdoor Banjolele™, and Outdoor Guitar™.