Intonation is the accuracy of pitch at each fret along the fretboard and commonly tested at the 12th fret. Saddle location, fret location, action height, string material, string life, string gauge, and finger pressure all play a role in this complex subject. Intonation on a fretted instrument can be close but never perfect.


The glass and carbon fibers are added to reinforce the polycarbonate, greatly increasing strength and tone. The fibers and polycarbonate are injected into steel molds at very high heat and pressure, causing them to align and flow around features in the instrument. This flow pattern is similar to grain in wood.


A Low G string is a common upgrade for ukuleles. This will give the instrument a more linear and deeper tone. This option works best on the tenor and is less common on the soprano. We don't modify the nut or string slots to install a Low G string.


Like traditional instruments, our composite polycarbonate frets will begin to show some wear over time. It may take years before any wear shows. It all depends on how often the instrument is played, and the amount of string pressure used. You can reduce the wear by adding a lubricant to the frets. D'Addario makes friction remover lubricants for this purpose.


Our instruments can be used in all weather conditions, but some parts will last longer with proper care. The tuning machine are nickel or gold plated metal. They can get wet, but prolonged exposure may cause eventual corrosion. We suggest keeping them dry after getting them wet. The tuning machines can also be lubed like a bicycle chain if the instrument will be used on long expeditions.


For Outdoor Ukuleles that have been exposed to salt water, we recommend that you rinse off the tuning machines and the inside of your instrument with fresh water and dry off. If the tuning machines are not rinsed off, the dried salt may lock up motion or corrode the nickel and gold plating.


If you made your ukulele purchase in a hurry, and want to add items, you have 24 hours to add-on to your order e.g. K&K pickups, strap buttons and accessories. When adding more items to your Outdoor Ukulele setup, please leave us a note with your first order number. The notes section is on the shopping cart page.