"I received my ukelele a couple years ago, July 2021 and it is amazing! It's my favorite uke to grab while traveling because I know how durable it is and I love how it sounds. I appreciate all the back and forth during ordering; I wanted a new uke to bring to the beach so I wouldn't have to worry about it getting water damaged. The uke wouldn't have arrived to me before my trip so I coordinated it being shipped to the air bnb beach house in Pacific City and it was there when I arrived. Thanks so much for your help and creating such a beautiful product! I love this company!!" - Meridian, Idaho

"Early this spring after doing a month of research I decided to purchase the tenor blue ukulele. I was not sure if buying your outdoor ukulele was going to make a difference on playing more often. What a game changer purchasing this ukulele has made in my life. This little instrument has been on my covered porch all summer and now resides in my kitchen. Thank you for crafting this wonderful little instrument such a wonderful addition to my life." - Upper Montclair, New Jersey

  "I just want you to know that I am THRILLED with my ukulele! It has a lovely sound and is very fun and easy to play - excellent feel to it.  It arrived in time for 4th of July sing-a-longs and was so much fun. I've recommended them to a couple of friends and I think one just placed an order today for a blue one! I am taking it to a fiddle jam this weekend and a Ukulele workshop, so I will see how I do. Thanks very much for your prompt service and great product." - Kelseyville, California

  "Howdy People of the Great Outdoor Ukes! My Outdoor Uke has arrived safely. I already LOVE it. Having two other wood ukes (concert & tenor), I was pleased with how comfortable it is to play and how good it sounds. I was concerned it would sound "plastic-y", but it truly has a terrific warm tone right in line with my Kalas. Super happy with it!! Tuning is easy and the strings are a perfect match & feel for the instrument. Oh yes, I have dubbed my new arrival "Wildblue Yonder," because all awesome ukes deserve a fun trail name. It'll be touring the byways and trailways with me by bike and backpack. And the Outdoor Ukulele sticker is so cool, I already added it to my touring bike's fender." - Grants Pass, Oregon

  "Got the uke today and I must tell you that I am most pleased indeed. I was trying not to get too hopeful about the sound or volume, being so happy with the durability and the playability. However, the tone and volume surpassed my expectations.  This uke will not be played in the Arctic Ocean or on the AT or PCT but it will be well played in Vermont and New Hampshire and often outdoors. You guys are the bomb you really are. If you write back, please tell me the most popular color and model. I just may have to get a second soon! I'll be bringing this to our next uke club meeting. Heck I want one of every one you have." - Fairlee, Vermont

  "I had a quick question, but first I have to say how much I love my Outdoor Uke! I got the Green Tenor in a low G and have played it more than any of my other ukes. I bought it because I wanted to take it with me when I went backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, but it has since become my main instrument. I really love your product and I am constantly recommending it to other people." - Eureka, California

  "I have had my brown tenor for several years now and love it more every day. I keep it in my car and play it whenever I have to wait for kids or at the ranch I play for the horses. They love it btw. (Kids and horses). This uke sounds better than some wooden ukes! Thanks for a fantastic product. - Riverbank, California

  "I can’t even believe the sound that comes out of this thing! I got the soprano with the low g and I’m seriously in love! I’m headed on a cruise and plan to annoy everyone every chance I get with this ukulele! Thanks so much!" - Atlanta, Georgia

  "I just received my tenor ukulele last night, and I just had to write you to say that it is simply wonderful! I'll admit that I had lowered expectations, I had purchased this with durability in mind, and had heard a few plastic ukuleles before, so I thought that was somewhere in the neighborhood of what I was buying.  I'm so happy to be wrong. This instrument sounds and feels better than most of my other instruments! It sounds very similar to koa wood, how did you do that??? I'll be recommending Outdoor Ukuleles to everyone who'll listen." - Burbank, California

  "Hi, I just got this today. I started ukulele a week ago and have been searching for a few ukes a month prior. I’m sitting here playing the only tab/chord uke book I have right now Christmas songs. I love this ukulele. It has such a unique voice. It is easy to hold and the strings, the action...all work really really well. Very ergonomic. I can’t wait to get the soprano too! My daughter has been trying to play this pink uke she insisted I buy her but the action is so high it’s really pointless and she just gets frustrated. I think your soprano will be a great fit for her (and me). Anyways these are great. I love that I can just leave it in house and not worry about humidity or temp. I also love that I can bring it in car and not really worry about temperature conditions (although I still don’t plan on ever leaving it in car when really hot). Someday I’ll buy a banjo one too." - Fairport, New York

  "Greetings! I would just like to tell you how much I am enjoying my brand spanking new carbon composite tenor ukulele. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and can hardly leave it alone if it’s in is a very satisfying instrument with surprisingly good crisp clear tone and nice clean action all the way up and down the neck. The k&k pickup is excellent and a good match...  in short, thank you for a fine unique addition to my musical arsenal. I just wanted to let you know how much I’m digging your instrument - I can foresee a Banjoleles and a guitar in my future, and possibly a different ukulele model.... we’ll see." - United States

  "I just got your outdoor guitar. It’s amazing. You guys have nailed it man! I own a couple different good guitars ( journey overhead carbon fiber and gs mini) and this will be my go to 99% of the time. I’m a firefighter and dad so kids splashing my guitar is no longer an issue! I also travel with it to the firehouse 1 out of every 3 days. Timing stability is great!  I just went from 74 and dry in my house to 85 and humid outside... Florida.  No tuning issues or concerns of damage! The neck is the best I’ve ever played on. Thin and almost satin finish. Amazing. The balance is perfect! I can lay it on the heel and run after my kiddos lol. I can literally go on and on. I’ve never reviewed anything before but I’d like to help get this noticed. Thanks a ton! You guys did awesome!!" - Odessa, Florida

  "So, I've had my Green Soprano for a few weeks now. I bought it to be a "back-up" instrument that I would keep in the car or at work. But....I can't put it down! I'm playing it at home all the time even when I have access to my other ukuleles. I expected the tone and volume to be a little sub-par, being plastic and all, but that's definitely not the case! It's got a sound of it's own that's awesome and unique. And, it's the smoothest playing ukulele that I've ever held. I also love that when my 4 year old (or 1 year old for that matter) asks to hold it, I don't have to get nervous or say no. Very impressed!" - Lexington, Kentucky

  "I received the green soprano uke yesterday in time to take it on a day-trip.  This uke is great.  I'm really enjoying it.  Nice action, sweet tone (my first non-wood uke).  I plan on purchasing again, perhaps the tenor next.  Thanks for making affordable quality instruments in the USA.  That was a big part of my decision to purchase a uke from you.  I'd rather have a non-wood uke that's made in the USA than a wood uke made overseas.  Keep up the good work!" - Lake Benton, Minnesota