Outdoor Guitar™ Carbon Nickel

$ 345.00

The Outdoor Guitar™ is a carbon fiber composite polycarbonate travel guitar with a 20" scale length, bolt-on neck, and compensated saddle for each string. Injection molded in steel molds at very high heat and pressure with carbon fiber strands that give the instrument a natural grain structure, greatly increasing strength and acoustics.

Assembled with custom nickel plated precision geared tuning machines, D'Addario XT coated bass strings with high tension fluorocarbon treble strings, and reusable box. Precision horn-shaped string slots have single point termination and provide an unstrained transition to the tuning machines. The action on the Outdoor Guitar is 3.25mm to 3.50mm, between a steel string acoustic guitar (2.75mm to 3.00mm) and a classical guitar (3.75mm to 4.00mm).

The Outdoor Guitar™ uses the EJ44 D'Addario Pro-Arté Nylon Extra Hard Tension Strings and the Outdoor Guitalele™ uses the EJ43 D'Addario Pro-Arté Nylon Light Tension Strings. They are interchangeable.

Length: 30.75 in (78 cm)
Width: 10.00 in (25 cm)
Height: 3.75 in (95 cm)
Scale Length: 20 in (50 cm)
Number of Frets: 18
Width at Nut: 1.75in (45 mm)
Weight: 52 oz (1.50 kg)
Low Temperature: -40° F (-40° C)
High Temperature: 250° F (120° C)
Action 6th String @ 12th Fret: 3.25mm to 3.50mm

Made in Bend, Oregon USA.

The Outdoor Guitar™ is made to order and the current production time is 3 business days. Free Standard USA Shipping (Delivery within 5 business days. Including Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories.) 3-Day option available. International options available.